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AS a travel writer and editor, I have been to more than 100 countries and lived for long spells in Yemen, Hong Kong and North America.

Born in Northern Ireland, I worked in Belfast and Derry before first going to Africa as a printer, graphic designer and editor. After a decade in Southern Africa, based in Swaziland and Mozambique during its civil war, I returned to London where I joined the Daily Mirror. 

I was Features Editor of Metro – the world’s largest free newspaper – for ten years. I then spent five years as Editor-in-Chief of TRVL, the largest travel magazine on iPad, with 1.7 million subscribers. The TRVL team and IP were eventually acquired by Apple to form the basis of Apple News.

Currently living between Canada, UK, Spain and Ireland, I have been everywhere from Armenia to Zambia. I have, of course, spent the night in a hotel that turned out to be a brothel, as any travel writer has to once in their career. Fortunately, I am the author of the Rough Guide to Safer Travel.

I also ran a Secret London website for over 15 years.

I hold a car, motorbike, racing and reindeer driving licence, as well as sailing, motorboating and PADI certificates. I am a qualified UK Lowland and Hill & Moorland Leader.

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