Oman: Wadi you like?

I AM SITTING in an air-conditioned Toyota FWD, doing what feels like 70mph, when the ground ahead suddenly disappears from view.

The front end of the vehicle drops sickeningly, while girly screams echo from the people (not all of them female) in the back seat.

Then we hit the side of the massively steep dune, sliding alarmingly sideways, before roaring off across the soft sand for another go. This time backwards. Continue reading “Oman: Wadi you like?”

Beirut 2004: The good times roll

AFTER ONLY A few hours in Beirut, you wonder how these wonderfully warm and kind people could ever have fought a bloody civil war so recently.

Step outside your hotel and get into a taxi, or just try and cross the road, and that question might answer itself. Whether it’s homicidal or suicidal tendencies, Lebanon’s drivers literally live life in the fast lane. Continue reading “Beirut 2004: The good times roll”