Switzerland: Good, best, Bettmeralp

‘HAVE a pleasant day,’ said my hotelier.  ‘I’d have to work quite hard not to have a pleasant day here,’ was my reply. The quip was light-hearted  but led me to wonder at how much truth there was in it.

How exactly would I have a bad day in this remote alpine hideaway? Obviously, the first problem would be any baggage I brought with me. Cut off from the outside world, by a train from Geneva and two 1,000m cable car rides, in a village with no cars, that baggage started to feel pretty light. Hassle with other people? Well, the stress-free environment seems to make everyone pretty friendly. Discovering that it was normal to leave front doors unlocked, something I did myself from the first night, put me in a trusting, open mood.  I wonder if I should try it in London? Yes, well… Continue reading “Switzerland: Good, best, Bettmeralp”